• Ever had back pain, neck pain or a really annoying headache after sitting at your desk?

    Many people experience some sort of back, neck or head pain as a result of working in a sitting position, day in and day out. That is why it is so important to have good posture at your desk!

    Simple changes to what you are doing at your desk can make a world of difference when it comes to pain and susceptibility to injury. You are there for a 1/3 of the day and your body wasn’t made for that, so you have to do what you can to look after it!

    Here are some tips to try:

    • Sit with your feet on the floor and your bottom at the back of the seat. If this is difficult, it might help to put a step under your feet
    • Sit with your back upright. This doesn’t mean as straight as a board, as this is difficult and no one can do that for long periods. All we mean is bringing your shoulders back to a comfortable position and keeping your chin tucked in slightly
    • Try using a small pillow or lumbar roll in the small of your back. This helps to lift you into a more upright position and keeps your head from falling forward too far. The pillow should sit in the little hollow between your back and the chair, and it shouldn’t touch the seat of the chair
    • Have mini breaks from your sitting position. This may simply be moving your head slowly from one way to the other once every 30 minutes, or standing up and sitting down again. Just like you wouldn’t want to pull your finger back as far as it will go all day, your neck and back doesn’t like sitting in those positions for long periods. Anything to give those muscles a rest!
    • Try to have your work station set up as in the picture above. This is the best ergonomic position you can have. All this means is that it is the position that best suits all your muscles and joints, to prevent injury and make sitting more comfortable.
    • It is also important to have everything that you use frequently, in easy to reach places that don’t require twisting and reaching, as these movements can also cause injuries – especially if done repetitively!

    If you do experience pain like this, and you’re not sure if it is your posture causing it, try these tips anyway as they won’t do you any harm!

    However, it is best to get on to pain symptoms like these as quickly as possible, so if pain persists it is best to see your physio as soon as you can. Even the most chronic of neck pain and headaches can be fixed after specific and effective physio treatment!

    Feel free to call us anytime to make an appointment to receive personalised advise for your specific problem.

    If you don’t already experience pain such as this, but you do work in these positions frequently, we can’t stress enough how important it is to start using these techniques now!

    Prevention is always better than cure!

    It is also important to look after the rest of your body while you sit at your computer! Here is a great infographic from Alsco NZ showing you what you should be doing while at your computer.NZ-ALS-FA-poster-computerFor more helpful information like this, visit Asco for more workplace resources you can download for free.