• If you live remotely, are often travelling, have difficulty travelling into town or are stuck at home due to a pandemic, then TeleHealth online physio appointments may be just the thing for you.

    We have experienced clinicians with a heap of experience and post graduate training in Muskuloskeletal physiotherapy and Sports Physiotherapy that are here to help, wherever you are based.

    What is Telehealth?

    Online Physio is more than just a video call.

    Through a secure platform (we use doxy.me currently) we are able to get a full history of your issue, ask a heap of relevant questions, run you through tests and send specific questionnaires for you to fill out. We can screen share with you to show you yoru rehab exercise videos and through our exercie preceipion software where we have access to over 4000 exercise videos.

    We can do 90% of what we can to with face-to-face consults so, as long as you internet is up to it, we can effectively assess and explain and then work on a rehab plan that works for you to work towards your goals.

    How do our Telehealth Online Physio Appointments work?

    To book, the best option is through our online booking web portal through the button below, or email us at admin@physiosteps.co.nz