• We are thrilled to have our Senior physio, Rykie, writing this weeks blog post on helping build up for events gradually to ensure a conditioned body and fewer injuries!

    Happy New Year to all!

    The year is already in full swing and I am sure there are lots of us with New Year resolutions and plans for 2018 and that includes me!

    I have set myself goals for the year, including entering a few events. But after the lovely holiday break and festive eating, I am faced to change my training routine slightly.

    When starting any new training programme or after having a break, the key is to gradually build and be consistent with your training.

    acute overload running

    Research has shown a relationship between high training loads and injuries, but a strong, well-developed physique protects against injury (Gabbett 2016). This means that you can train harder, but be smarter.

    So what are the rules for building up training load?


    1. Keep to the general rule of 10% increase in training load per week and do not increase your distance, speed and gym sessions all in one week!
    2. Change only one component of the training routine.
    3. Consistency is important. Remember, undertraining may also lead to potential increase in injury risk. So, hit the “sweet spot” with your training!


    Set yourself training goals for the year and be realistic. Enjoy training and being a healthier you!

    For expert advice or your training or any related issues, give us a call and see an expert!