• Save a life capsule, aspirin keychain for saleThe Rotary Club have initiated a fundraising project for the sale of the Save a Life Capsules. Their mission is for every adult in New Zealand to carry a capsule to allow you to be prepared if you or someone around you is faced with a heart attack.

    The capsules are being sold in the Ashburton PhysioSteps clinic for $15 for a pack of 3 along with a full packet of Aspirin and her is why every kiwi should have an Aspirin on them:

    Every 90 minutes somebody in New Zealand has a heart attack.


    Why can this help to save a life?

    The purpose of the capsule is to hold a small supply of aspirin tablets to have handy if someone was to have a heart attack. Most heart attacks are caused by thinning of your arteries due to fatty deposits. If a piece of this fatty material breaks off it can cause a blockage in one of your heart’s main arteries, blocking the blood supply to your heart, this is a heart attack. Aspirin is a blood thinner and helps break down and stop the blood from clotting and forming this blockage. This buys the person some extra time until a professional help can get to them.

    What are the symptoms of a heart attack?

    • Squeezing, tight sensation in middle of your chest
    • Pain can travel to jaw, shoulders, stomach or down left arm
    • Sweating
    • Short of breath
    • Sensation of going to pass out

    Other conditions can cause similar symptoms so please take these seriously and call 111 for an ambulance.

    When do I take the aspirin?

    After calling for an ambulance, sit the person down and if they are not allergic to aspirin, this is the time to take it. Do not swallow the aspirin whole but chew in the mouth and then swallow with a glass of water. The chewing allows for the medication be absorbed quickly.

    When not to give an Aspirin

    Before taking the aspirin please check if the person has a Medi-alert bracelet and do not give to people with a recent history of bleeding ulcers or haemorrhage.


    Pop into Physiosteps today to buy your capsules or contact the Ashburton Rotary Club on 03 308 9952 if you have any additional question.