• RunFx

    At PhysioSteps we are big advocates for pre-hab (preventative rehab) in order to prevent injuries occurring and keep you out there doing it.

    This is why we have developed RunFx, a comprehensive assessment and treatment program for runners, that aims to prevent injuries, enhance performance and make running pain-free and easy.

    Running is a fantastic way to keep fit, relax and also a very important part of most sports. Unfortunately, over half of all runners get injured every year. Luckily the team at PhysioSteps are all runners, whether it be for competition, fitness or pure enjoyment, we understand your passion for running and want to help you:


    • Run pain-free
    • Improve recovery
    • Decrease injuries
    • Improve technique
    • Run easier and faster

    RunFx combines a full assessment followed by an RunFx blueprint where we outline where you can improve and what needs to be done about it:

    The initial assessment is an hour long, with an experienced physio, during which you will be assessed for muscle strength and length, running technique, foot biomechanics and more. Following the assessment, your physio will decide which things you need to work on, will discuss with you some good tips for improving your running and answer any burning questions you have about your running.

    This information will all be recorded on a take home sheet, including exercises for quick reference.

    We also have an information booklet that is included with the consult, which explains lots of tips and tricks to get your running ‘up to speed’!

    runningThese assessments are not just for those runners who are training for races and big events, they are personalised and therefore can be tailored to whatever level you are at with your running. Even if you have never been for a run and want to give it a go for fitness reasons, without getting injured!

    For those that need it, follow up RunFx consults will be booked down the track so that we can check on your progress, progress your strength and conditioning exercises and technique and help you keep improving.

    Have you been struggling with your running? Are you wanting to start running but not sure how? Are you training for a big race and want to get to your best? Then this is for you.

    RunFx isn’t just for competitive runners. Whether you are an elite runner looking to go to the next level, a weekend warrior or simply looking to improve your technique for sports and fitness, RunFx running assessment will help you achieve your goals.

    Give our team a call or drop us an email and we will get back to you. See our contact page for more on this.

    RunFx assessment initial: $100, one hour

    RunFx Follow up: $60