• prevent snow sports injuriesA huge 50% of all skiers and boarders have had a previous injury on the slopes which makes it all the more important to prevent them when possible.

    Unfortunately, there is no quick fix as there are a lot of factors that can lead to injury on the slopes. Most snow sports injuries are traumatic, caused by being on dangerous terrain, lift accidents, falls, and collisions. In many instances, fatigue after a long day on the slopes or poor judgment can be blamed for injuries.

    The three things we can do to prevent injury were found to be:

    • The use of helmets and wrist guards
    • Address low visibility issues via weather reports and signage (1)

    Also, the main things that you can do to help are to be aware of obstacles and dangers, avoid fatigue by keeping up liquids and having breaks and most importantly knowing where other skiers and boarders are.

    You can download a more in-depth PDF from Stop Sports Injuries, on preventing snow sports injuries Here and remember good mountain etiquette 🙂