• Post event massage

    As an athlete or sportsperson, it can be very beneficial to implement pre-event and post-event sports massage into your training program and preparation. Ideally, you would already be including deep tissue massage as part of your training program as a preventative tool before leaving it too late and using it as injury rehabilitation. And this goes for those of us who are professional athletes or amateur’s that are training at a high level and looking to improve conditioning and performance.

    Training massage:

    Regular deep tissue massages are fantastic for boosting circulation, recovery times and preventing build-up of muscle tension.  When developing your training plan, building up to big events, you should ensure that you incorporate adequate nutritional intake, rest days and of course a regular sports massage.

    Pre Event Massage

    A pre-event massage is usually not more than 10 or 15 minutes in duration, performed on the day of the event and is purely for stimulation and inspiration for the athlete. The therapist wants the athlete to leave the massage table feeling ready and prepared to compete, not lethargic or about to fall asleep. The pace of the massage is always very brisk so that warmth is brought to the superficial tissue of the body and blood flow is then increased into the deeper muscles. Pre-event massage is just as beneficial psychologically as it is physically.

    Post Event Massage

    Post-event massage aims to decrease muscle soreness and/or cramping and to facilitate a faster return to training after an athletic event. This is achieved by flushing out the lactic acid build up, reduce post-exercise soreness and re-establish range of motion and blood flow to tight muscles. It also can give the athlete a big psychological lift. This is great to be done as within a few days of your event, but th esooner, the better!


    Sports massage is recommended to be continued regularly after a competition to replenish the athlete’s musculoskeletal system and therefore begin to prepare them for any further events and prevent injury. So if you are training towards an event this year, or have some big fitness and health goals, consider incorporating some deep tissue massage into your schedule and feel for yourself the benefits it can create.

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