Post op rehab ashburtonWhat is post-op rehab?


    Unfortunately, your surgery isn’t successful when you leave the operating theatre. It is successful when you are back to your goal and have achieved optimal results.

    The surgery has helped get things on track but there are a few steps to go to regain full function:

    1. Regain movement.

    Often through immobilisation, swelling and pain your joint range is limited. This is often the first thing to be worked on as you can’t stand stretching or moving well until you have the range.

    This is achieved through a combination of hands-on physio treatment and home exercises

    2. Regain strength and neuromuscular control

    Strength and muscle activation is gradually regained, starting with basic exercises within available range and progressing to multiplanar exercises that aim to get you bullet proof. Your rehab will also include exercises to regain balance and control.

    3. Sport/work/hobby specific rehab

    The final but most important step of post-op rehab. Too many people stop rehab when they are 90% and “good enough”.

    At PhysioSteps, you have to pass our clearance testing by doing dynamic rehab to get you back to normal and symmetrical.

    Often you rehab plan is guided by an outline from your surgeon but many times, it is left up to your physio to guide you.


    When surgery is needed, a physio is there to help you recover from surgery faster and get back to enjoying your life to the max