• Here at PhysioSteps, our aim is to treat the patient and not just the injury


    The idea of health professionals treating just the pain and symptoms, in order to “band-aid” the injury, is a thing of the past as this leads to short term outcomes and repeated flare ups.

    At PhysioSteps it is our policy to treat the underlying cause of your injury, allowing you faster return to activity and reduced chance of re-injury.

    PhysioSteps Steps Protocol, physiotherapy ashburton

    We take the right ‘steps’ to get you back to your best!


    The “Steps” Explained

    On your first visit, your Physio will run through an assessment where they will give you a diagnosis and find the reasons behind your condition. Your physio will then explain this to you in simple language with the steps needed to not only treat your complaint, but to get you back to your best.

    1. Clear diagnosis and explanation:

    Knowing what is going on in your body gives you huge piece of mind! That is why we set aside a full 40 minutes for your first session so that we have time to diagnose your condition and find out the underlying cause that made it happen in the first place. Then we get stuck into treatment.

    2. Treat the symptoms:

    Pain, tightness and limitations are what you come to see us about and this is what we get straight on to treating. We do this by utilising effective hands-on manual therapy combined with appropriate exercises for you to do at home, in-between sessions. This gets you on the right track straight away and having exercises to do at home means you are actively involved and helping your rehab.

    3. Treat the cause:

    In most cases there is an underlying cause that led to your condition. For example a stiff upper back leading to headaches, poor technique leading to low back pain or poor glut strength leading to a hamstring tear or tightness. These are just a few examples but these things are so often missed during treatment. Treating the cause means we get a longer term and more effective outcome.

    4. Full recovery:

    Rehab exercises and treatment specific to what you are getting back to, whether this is sport, work or gardening – this will get you to your best.

    Now what?

    At PhysioSteps we are not satisfied until you are at your best and we want to keep you there. That is why we have introduced Tune Ups.

    Tune Ups are regular checkups and treatments to keep you at your best and to prevent injuries. Why wait until you have a full blown injury, pain or limitation that is stopping you enjoying life? Just as you wouldn’t wait until your car fully breaks down and costs you an arm and a leg, getting a tune up is all about ‘pre-hab’ and looking after YOU. Tune ups can be as regular as you and your Physio think necessary, whether it is fortnightly, monthly or 6 monthly!


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