• PhysioSteps is excited to announce that they will be opening on Saturday mornings, 8am-10am, as of Saturday 28th March! These times will be allocated to our sports strapping service only, and will be available for anyone who requires tapping for their weekend sports adventures.

    As Shaun can tell us, on any given international tournament, he can be strapping for at least an hour at a time, getting all the players ready and trying to prevent injury or at least prevent further injury. It isn’t uncommon for Shaun to go through $300-$500 worth of strapping supplies over a week for a 2 days sevens tournament, such as the Wellington 7’s. This shows how sports strapping plays a huge part of modern-day sports.

    Often, athletes are unsure of the place of strapping in sport, and if it does really help prevent injury. Of course, nothing will be as good as your bodies wonderful ligaments, tendons and muscles doing the job themselves to prevent injury, so we always recommend full rehab for your best chance at avoiding further injury. However, strapping is beneficial, especially when first getting back into things following injury, and also for those of us who are that far down the track with their injury, that it is better to strap it ‘just in case’ than to have another flare up of injury. The other thing also is that following filamentous injury, there can be laxity remaining in the joint afterwards, such as knee or ankle ligament sprains – this laxity, or increased joint movement can be supported with strapping to improve stability.

    There are many strapping techniques used by physiotherapists to either prevent excessive movement or support movement. We can use rigid tape in the case of wanting to restrict movement or in some cases we will use k-tape (that cool coloured stuff) to help muscles and to guide the joint back to being fully capable again.

    Unfortunately, some brands of tape are better than others, and this therefore has an effect on the price. PhysioSteps aims to use the highest quality of products to ensure good performance and to ensure you get the best out of your money. This means that we have to add a charge for the tape we use during our strapping clinic. Price is as follows (and can also be found here):

    • One area = $15
    • Two + areas = $5 per extra area

    Our physiotherapists are trained and experienced in applying all forms of tape for all different injuries, with Shaun having done many hours for the Papua New Guinea Olympic and Seven’s teams and Caitlin club rugby teams, netball and even helping out with the highlanders – so we have you covered.

    If you think you would like some tapping before your weekend match, please call us and make an appointment with Shaun or Caitlin. You can come in on the day, however an appointment will guarantee you a spot.

    Good luck with the upcoming winter sport season!