• How to get the most out of physio

  • You can make a big difference in the time it can take to rehab an injury. Having the right attitude and the right physio can make a huge difference.

    In this blog post, we cover the important aspects of a speedy recovery!

    1. See an up-to-date physio

    There is a lot of treatment techniques that aren’t backed up by evidence anymore. These treatment techniques basically offer no significant benefit to your recovery such as:

    • Ultrasound
    • Acupuncture for back pain
    • TENS machines

    The ideal physio treatment now is a combination of great education and explanation, individualised exercise prescription and hands or treatment when needed.

    Without exercises, there is less chance that your body will adapt and change for the better.

    Physiotherapy ashburton

    2. Be involved in your rehab

    Relying on your physio to sprinkle pixie dust or work their magic won’t cut it.

    Be involved by following your physios advice and listening to your body. As well as this, your body needs stimuli to heal strong and well and the exercises prescribed by your physio help with this.

    Don’t just sit around hoping and waiting – make it happen.

    Active rehab how physio works ashburton physiosteps

    3. Follow through

    Follow through until you are 100%. Not just pain-free but actually back to full function, full strength and full range.

    Without this, you are often at greater risk of re-injury and here at PhysioSteps, we are all about making results last the distance. That is why we push you hard to meet certain goals and measures and often do thorough clearance testing at the end of rehab if you are returning to sport.


    If you are in need of a full rehab and a modern physio approach, give us a call or book in online to make a start.