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  • Headaches and Migraines are one of the most common issues in today's society but also one of the most under-treated, misunderstood, and mistreated conditions. Here at PhysioSteps, we started our Headache Clinic to put a stop to that.

    Are you tired of quick fixes, replying on medications, avoiding triggers, or losing days due to regular headaches?

    We're here to show you that they can get better and that 90% of headaches can be improved, if not resolved, no matter your type of headache.

    In the past, a huge amount of headaches and migraines were thought to have no connection to the neck. But, it has been proven over the last 10 years that up to 90% of headaches and migraines are caused by the upper neck. This means that up to 90% of head pain can be treated, relieved and even resolved.

    Our headache clinic is your go-to medication-free answer to head pain. 

    Headaches are often put under various labels such as:

    • Cluster headache
    • Menstrual headache
    • Migraine
    • Tension headache
    • Cluster headache
    • Headache triggered by "irritants" such as chocolate, red wine etc
    • Vascular headaches

    But in fact, it turns out hormone changes, foods, postures etc can be a trigger to headaches but not the cause. That's the big thing. It's all well and good avoiding triggers of headaches and covering pain up with medication but our headache clinics aim to actually find and address the cause.

    Our senior Physio, Shaun, has trained under Dean Watson of the Watson Headache Approach, a world-leading head consultant.

    More information

    You can enter your email address in the form below to be emailed our in depth PDF information guide (if it doesn't come through, send us an email and we can get it to you ASAP. Otherwise, you can give us a call to book with Shaun, or book with him online via our online booking portal - but make sure to book for a Headache Consult as these are longer than a standard physio appointment as we need to go into a lot of depth in the initial assessment.

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  • Research over the past 2 decades has shown clearly that primary headaches such as tension headaches and migraines aren't separate issues with different pathologies but actually different presentations of the same issue - a sensitized brainstem.(1) Treatment of these headaches now focuses on treating the upper neck to de-sensitise the area that is sensitized in the brainstem.

    The evidence

    This is the boring stuff sorry but we take headaches seriously at our headache clinics so for those of you that like to know a bit more, here is some research summaries.

    There is a mounting body of evidence that shows that the upper cervical spine (upper neck) can cause headaches. For example:

    • They have done anesthetic nerve blocks into the upper neck (at both the C2 nerve root and C2/3 facet joint) that relieve headaches, clear evidence that the upper neck can cause head pain
    • There has also been milestone studies recently that have shown that treating the upper neck by reproducing and reducing head pain de-sensitises the brainstem and ultimately helps resolve the issue.(2)

    Even vascular headaches have been largely ruled out as a diagnosis. Research has found that actually blood vessels in the head dilate AFTER the headache pain comes on, not before. this means that vasodilation of blood vessels and apparent vascular headache is actually secondary to the head pain felt.


    Private Initial Consultation: $135

    Private Follow up Treatment: $85

    ACC Initial Consultation: $80

    ACC Follow up Treatment: $45


    A huge amount of head pain is actually down to the brainstem being sensitised due to prolonged head pain and upper neck dysfunction. This then makes the pain able to be brought on more easily with different stimuli such as food, hormone changes, posture etc. There is an effective treatment that helps improve or resolve a huge proportion of headaches and migraines within 4-6 treatment sessions and at our headache clinic at PhysioSteps, we are here to help.

    No matter your diagnosis - if you get head pain, with or without aura, it is worth getting it checked out.

    Note: When you call to book, please ensure to ask to book in for a Headache assessment to ensure you are booked with the right physiotherapist for the correct amount of time as our Headache Clinic consults are longer than normal and not every physio has the post-graduate training to treat Headache and Migraine sufferers to a high level.