• PhysioSteps Coronovirus update

  • We are still open – But for the next 4 weeks at least, we will be conducting all of our consultations via Telehealth video calls

    Based on advice from the NZ Physio Board and Society of Physiotherapy, Physiosteps is unable to undertake face to face consults anymore until the alert level has been lowered again.

    But, never fear, we can still do consultations via video call using our great Telehealth software. Through this we can still assess your issue, let you know what is going on, make a rehab plan with you and prescribe great exercise rehab to help you get better and stronger, faster.

    Our Telehealth service is very easy to use and just requires you to click a link in your reminder TXT that we send you! More on that below.

    There will still be a surcharge for ACC consults but less than normal, the telehealth rates are below:

    • ACC Initial Consult: $20
    • ACC Follow-up Consult; $10
    • Private Initial Consult: $40
    • Private Follow up Consult: $30

    Please do not come to the clinic and ideally don’t call and leave a message at the clinic as we are not there to answer it. The best way to CONTACT US is:


    • General: admin@physiosteps.co.nz
    • Shaun: sclark@physiosteps.co.nz
    • Caitlin: cclark@physiosteps.co.nz
    • Rykie: rgreybe@physiosteps.co.nz

    If urgent, you can call Shaun on 0273208916

    For bookings, you can either email us and we will call you, message us on facebook OR ideally, use our online booking platform

    With the risk of spread throughout the country, we want to bring some calm and measured communication to help ease any worries and provide answers. Please have a quick read below:

    Telehealth consults

    Telehealth consults are a great way to continue your rehab, as who knows how long this could go on for, so putting your rehab on hold wouldn’t be ideal. We can do 90% of what we do in the clinic via this great software that is easy to use and allows us to review your case and progress rehab exercises real time.

    What is Telehealth and how do you work it?

    A telehealth consult is more than simply a phone call, it is a video call through your computer (if it has a camera) or smart phone and also through our program we have the ability to show you and run you through your rehab program in real time!

    To be able to do a telehealth call, you will get send a link in your reminder SMS the day before. At the time of your consult, click on the link, it will open a virtual waiting room for you to check-in to and then you just need wait for your physio to video call you! Super easy – and if you would rather the link be sent via email, just email your physio and they will shoot it through before the appointment.