• Up to 80% of runners get injured every year so it is likely that you have had a niggle or injury recently right?

    So, as well as the team here at Physiosteps being here to help you with your injuries, we are here to help you prevent them as well.

    To help build up to the busy event season and lead up to some of the events that we support (The Salmon Run and The Longbeach Coastal Challenge), we have got the 3 easiest and best things that you can do to be part of the bulletproof 20%!

    1. Increase your cadence by 5%

    Increasing your step rate slightly from your normal can help reduce the load on your hips, knees, and ankles and can easily help reduce pain and prevent overuse injuries in these joints. 5% reduces load from your knee well, 10% increase unloads the hip well but if you are someone that gets a lot of achilles or hamstring issues – check with a physio first. (reference)


    2. Follow the gradual build up, 10% ruleprevent running injuries Physio asburton

    The graph here shows clearly why that is and shows the importance of having a plan when training for an event. You don’t have to do it by every single run but more so mileage over the week.

    Increasing mileage in a week by 15 and 20% means you are 2-3 x more likely to get injured!

    3. Have variation in load

    Have variation in terrain, distance, pace, shoes – everything. Also throw in some strengthening sessions twice a week. This makes your tissues more resilient which mean they can handle more without pain and overload.

    Listen to your body, follow the advice above and you could well be one of the 20% that don’t get injured in the next year!

    For any specific injury rehab, running analysis or specific strengthening, come in and see one of our awesome physios.