• Physiosteps ashburton - Physiotherapy in lay-mans termsLooking for an dedicated physio that will fix your injury?

    PhysioSteps keeps things simple.

    As you can see by our simple four step process to full recovery, you will be told what your problem is from the start and how we go about fixing it throughout your time with us, and all of this will be in plain and simple English.

    PhysioSteps approach to physiotherapy is a little different to what you are used to. It is modern, tried and tested in places like Australia, and very effective. We like to engage with our patients, and encourage them to be involved in their rehab. And this, we have found through our experience, cumulates in the best results possible.

    We know that traditionally physiotherapy has been a lot of rushed prodding and pushing, with a vague suggestion of a couple of strengthening exercises to do which are forgotten as soon as you walk out the door. But the physio world has been slowly evolving to catch up with the stacks of research that is being done, and we are the product of that. There is now a better and faster way to get you better, and that is what we offer you!

    Your first session will be 40 minutes long, and consist of a thorough assessment of your problem. Then, your experienced physio will sit down with you and explain in plain terms, just what that assessment has told us and what we are going to do about it. Then we will use our large range of skills to start working on whatever is causing the problem. In this same session, we will also explain to you what the expected time frame is for recovery and discuss with you how many sessions we recommend you have over a certain period of time.

    The team at PhysioSteps will always try to make you feel comfortable and looked after. Every patient’s recovery is important to us, and we will use our skill and experience to give you a fast and effective recovery!