PhysioSteps is Ashburton's up-to-date, progressive Physio provider. Taking the steps to get you back to 100%.


  • Sports Physiotherapy

    All of our physios have experience working with people with sports injuries – from national and international representatives to weekend warriors all those in between. We treat your injury with thew aim of getting you back to 100% and we take this seriously to give you the best shot of getting to your best and having a low risk of re-injury.

    Your sports injury is in good hands at PhysioSteps.

  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

    We are your go-to Ashburton physio clinic for any pain or injury. From neck and back pain to shoulders, knee and ankle sprains and everything in-between, we will accurately diagnose and clearly explain the rehab plan to get you better.

    ACC or Private - Come in and see the team to make a start on getting pain-free

  • Headache and Migraine Treatment

    90% of Headaches and Migraines have involvement of the upper neck and utilising the Watson Headaches approach we can help accurately diagnose and treat dysfunction in your upper neck.

    Don't put up with relying on medication any longer, try getting to the root of the problem with the Physiosteps Headache Clinic - for more information click through and download our free headache information guide

  • At PhysioSteps we provide you with the best physiotherapy treatment and advice to help you achieve your goals.

    Whether you are needing a sports physio, wanting to get rid of your neck or back pain, improve your running or bounce back after having kids - our great physios have you covered!

    Come in and see one of the friendly physio team for a 45 minute initial assessment where an experienced physio will diagnose the problem, explain what is causing it and set out a plan for fixing it, in a simple, jargon-free way. We pride ourselves on using hands-on treatment techniques and exercise prescription to help you reach your goals.And remember you do not need a referral of any kind to visit a physio - even for ACC.


    Our Philosophy is simple. Treat the Patients, Not Just the Injury


    We Understand You and Your Pain


    But, more importantly, we understand that it isn't just about pain but being as good as you can be and reaching your individual goals


    At Physiosteps, here in Ashburton, we first of all aim to understand both you and your problem then work to not just make you feel better but build your capacity up to ensure lasting, lifelong changes


    We help you build a resilient body